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Luau Packages
hula dancer
Our popular one-woman show, with recorded music, dances of the islands, emceeing and audience participation.

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hawaiian dancer

hawaiian hula dancers


2-4 Dancers, with live or recorded music, dances of the islands, costume changes, fire dances, emceeing, and audience participation.
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Our Big Island-sized Revue, with up to 10 dancers, live music, dances of all the islands costume changes, fire dances, emceeing and audience participation. You'll never forget it !

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polynesian dance troupe

hawaiian wedding


What could make a more lovely and memorable wedding reception than a Polynesian luau! 

Music, entertainment, food, leis, guest gift bags, and more... Click the "Info/Quote" button (below) for more info.

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Children's Events

A fun and educational interactive program, in which children learn the Hula, try their hands at Poi Ball dancing, and play the rhythm instruments of  the islands.

For younger children, our "Hapi Hula" girl does Polynesian-style face painting, balloon sculptures, limbo contests, hula hoops, and island-style games.



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Luau Food and Decorations

(Presently,we are offering food catering only in the Southern California area.  All other services are nation-wide.)


We tailor your entertainment package to meet your particular needs and budget. 

So please donít hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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hula dancers

Hula and Polynesian Dancers

About Our Shows

Our shows and dancers have captivated audiences on stage and on national TV, and perform a colorful energy-filled Polynesian dance revue.  It features dances of Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa and Tahiti.  We include... 
  • Lovely hand-crafted costumes,with costume changes during the show
  • Emceeing and audience participation
  • Live or recorded music
  • Several different dances and activities, including the following:

Hawaii: Graceful movements, emphasizing the hips and hands, tell a story about life in Hawaii

Tahiti: Wearing, beautiful tall headdresses, grass skirts and hand tassels, the dancers perform the Otea, moving their hips to the fast, pulsating drum beats

hula dancing trio

New Zealand: Maori poi balls, which are balls attached to long cords, are twirled and swung about the body to form patterns, in a lasso-like high-energy display.  In some cases, flaming poi balls are used.  Canoe dances are also performed to tell a story of the Maori people migrating by canoe from Polynesia to New Zealand.

Samoa: Clapping and slapping Sa Sa dances tell a story about life in Samoa. Rhythm dances are performed with Lapa sticks. And a dramatic fire/knife dancer gyrates, leaps and spins while juggling flaming torches to a rapid, primeval drum beat.

Luau Party Props
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  • Dinner or Background Music
  • "Elvis in Hawaii" Singing Look-Alikes
  • Tropical Bird Shows



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